Located in the trendiest part of Portland’s Northwest quadrant and lining the river, the Pearl, once purely industrial, is a case study for urban renewal. Some of the Pearl’s more beloved attributes include a trolley system, a stunning view of the green and beautifully arched Fremont bridge and scenic footpaths along the Willamette River. Property in this area predominantly consists of luxury condos in high-rise buildings, lofts with huge windows and rooftop apartments with sweeping views of the neighborhood, river and Mt. Hood. An incredibly walkable neighborhood, the Pearl appeals to travelers and residents alike, with a wealth of parks, tree-lined streets, urban wildlife and bars. It is also a foodie’s dream destination, offering such culinary gems as the Peruvian restaurant Andina and Bluehour, one of the city’s best-recognized joints.

Many will appreciate the Pearl’s world-class art scene, which plays host to some of the city and the nation’s best gallery displays. Consider the Upfor, which boasts a 1,500-square-foot space, or the White Space Gallery, which makes its home inside a hundred-year-old warehouse. Aspiring artists looking to make it big might may start at Blick, an art supply store with national renown and a Portland branch in the Pearl.

Lovers of boutique shopping won’t be disappointed by the Pearl’s many offerings. Check out FlairWalk for classy women’s couture, visit Garnish for staff turned personal shoppers, or take a turn through Filson for well-made gear befitting the outdoorsy type.

  • Crystal Ballroom - 1.1 miles | 7 min
  • Forest Park - 7.1 miles | 17 min
  • Northwest 23rd - 1.0 miles | 6 min
  • Oregon Zoo - 3.4 miles | 9 min
  • Pittock Mansion - 3.4 miles | 14 min
  • Portland Center Stage- 0.5 miles | 4 min

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