Eclectic is the norm on Southeast Hawthorne and Belmont, both walkable streets lined with boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Hawthorne is especially noted for its many vintage stores, while Belmont is a trendy locale with artisanal foods, handmade housewares and upscale clothing boutiques. Homes in this area range quite a bit, from the single-family Craftsman bungalows to smaller condos and apartment buildings. Many of the single-family homes contain several bedrooms (sometimes four or five) as well as larger lot sizes and mature landscaping.

Composed of the two parallel streets whose names make up the neighborhood’s title, the area is highly walkable. Inhabitants can find grocery stores, libraries, schools, parks and community gardens all within easy reach. The area is culturally diverse and blends a vintage aesthetic into many of the local businesses, a good number of which are locally owned and retain a distinct Portland flair.

  • Mississippi Studios - 5.0 miles | 13 min
  • Aladdin Theater - 1.2 miles | 7 min
  • Waterfront - 1.9 miles | 8 min
  • Voodoo Doughnut Too - 1.3 miles | 7 min
  • SE Hawthorne Blvd- 2.3 miles | 11 min
  • Reed College- 3.0 miles | 12 min

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